Wednesday, November 12, 2014

An inquiry into... using technology for inquiry

Our school has begun implementing a flipped learning programme thanks @JudeCanning and it has really been helping us transform the way we teach our students and make the most out of the instructional time we have available.

I have also recently started using Educreations with my students to support this, usually making video tutorials myself and then embedding them in the school blog where students can access them.

However I just thought of a new way of using it to help me solve a problem that I am having.

As I do not have the privilege of co-teaching it has been imposible for me to do guided reading or one to one reading, which I loved to do at my ex-job with my ex - super - fantastic - co - teacher.
I am also working with year 6 students now, so that also opens up a bunch of possibilities that were not available before, working with year 1 students.

So because it has been imposible to do both guided and one to one reading with my kids, I have not had the chance to listen to each of them read, let alone be able to conference with them to give them feedback on their reading!

So here is where flipped learning and Educreations come in!

(note: all I have done so far is plan for all of this, I still have not implemented anything, so cross your fingers!)

I began by creating a class where my students can log into with the class code provided by Educreations.

The next step was to create the model Educreations video that I want my students to create (I usually make models of everything so that they can literally see what I am expecting them to do).

In the model I also tell the students that I expect them to do exactly the same thing.

Here it is:

The following step was to create a short how to video to explain to students how they can create their own usernames for Educreations (some of them already had one as using the app was one of the options for other assignments).

Here is that video:

So tomorrow I am going to assign this flipped learning activity for all my students, where I hope that they understand what I expect them to do on the Ipads on Monday. I also hope that at home, they each create their Educreations account, so that when they arrive Monday at school, they can get right to work on their reading.

This way, I hope to have a record of their reading: strategies they use, thinking they do, the way they pronounce, their fluency, the way the solve difficult words... etc....

Once I have their Educreations videos, I can see them and evaluate their reading, I can even respond to them through short personal tutorials, where I plan to give them feedback on their reading and suggestions on how to get better.

What I hope to get from this is a record of student reading at different points of the year so that they can literally see and hear their progress, as well as a way in which I can really guide them in their reading.

I truly hope it goes well! And of coarse, thanks for the huge inspiration @JudeCanning and @jessievaz12!!!!!

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