Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Scope and Sequences...

So many teachers dislike Scope and Sequence documents that it is crazy. Whenever a coordinator or principal mentions these, I can see everybody's faces going "whyyyyyyyyyyy"....
It's strange because I love Scope and Sequence documents. I feel that I need these in order to be able to teach appropriately, to be able to assess and evaluate and determine where my students are and where they should be going. How could I ever plan a unit or a lesson without this?
Scope and sequence documents are important to me because not only do they help me assess student learning and help me with the direction of my teaching, they also help me understand what students have been through, and what will be expected of them in future grade levels.
This new school I am working in is just creating their Scope and Sequence documents. Because it is a PYP school, we are currently struggling with accommodating the PYP Scope and Sequence documents with the required national curriculum. The biggest problem is that this national curriculum is nothing more than a list of content that teachers are required to teach. As the PYP Scope and Sequence docs do not list any content at all (instead mention conceptual understandings and tons of skills), it has been hard for teachers to grasp the concept.
I hope this process goes well.

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